Acoustic Guitars

A mandocello based on a 1930's Kay design.Huge maple V neck and a laminate body.

A tiny picollo guitar tuned Nashville style and up a fifth.

Makes any mix spangle!


And another Gina guitar to the left.

Another huge jumbo. I loved the idea of the old Martin archtop conversions and their later "M" series guitars so we drew around a Harmony archtop and produced these. The first one was named Gina after Ms Lolabridgida.

A small guitar usually strung in "Nashville " tuning. This one was based on the body shape and size of a 1920's Regal tenor guitar that we had in for repair.Maple neck, laminated birch body. 

Another half finished mandocello, this one in birch and our "normal" sized guitar,this one based on a 20's Oahu hawaian guitar which it is standing next to that we had passing thruogh.

The three sizes together. In the centre and on the far left is the mid size based on a 1930's Gibson LG 3/4.


In the centre is another Gina.