Electric Guitars

  Reverse full depth body in Southern yellow pine with German carve on the top

Single P90 style goldfoil pickup with volume control and panic button kill switch.


are Go!

1, 2 and 3 pickup Telebirds for International  Rescue, Rock & Roll!

Double cut Esquire style Guitar

in Black and Red Voodoo shellac finish.

 One of three driftwood teles. This one ended up in sunny Florida with JJ Bail guitar player for the Troublstarters and Saltwater Rednecks. One piece korina body and neck made from a bit of pine from JJ’s dock. The front is by the legendary Jimmy Ringo.

Driftwood tele #2. waiting for it’s pickups. Another one piece korina body and 100+ year old pine neck. Nitro finish of course and another Jimmy Ringo aluminium front.


A little rocker with a respectful nod to Mr Zemaitis.

An all pine Esquire style guitar. Two piece body and a reclaimed pine neck in nitro finish. If you have a sentimental piece of wood 2cm x 8cm x 68cm I can make you one….

Two tryouts, an ash and maple Firebird 1 style and a Tele/Junior that was built with the bridge way back on the body for small people.

Make me an offer for them “as is” if you like?

One of a pair of Esquire style guitars. Ash body, maple neck and the usual appointments.

These are in a multihued swamp green finish

The other one....

Another Esquire style guitar. Lightweight ash body and a highly figured birdseye maple neck with an upside down headstock. This is finished in distressed gold leaf and has a toaster style pickup. If you want a traditional one Leo has already done the best. If you want something different then here you go...

After the Danocaster basses worked out so well it seemed a shame not to try a T style guitar with the same construction. Here Oak plywood is used instead of masonite and the neck is mahogany.

The sparkly lightweight sound of the body is tempered by the mahogany. A different T experience.