Repairs and restorations

It's always rewarding to bring an instrument back from the dead. Here are a few that have passed through the workshop.

A couple of Regal Ukuleles with a new lease of life

The Tiple Ukulele sounds like a herd of tiny angels stuck in honey


Headstock repairs might not always be invisible but the guitar plays again!

As does this Petersen Polk-a-lay-lee

An Airline electric mandolin needed a new bridge.

New scratchplate built for this archtop when the old nitrocellulose 'guard disintergrated. A common problem with this material.

A banjo uke and a banjo mandolin both needed new bridges and overhauls.

Some things are just beyond saving!

A Kay built Silvertone mandolin.

An Mandolin built in the late 1800's in for an overhaul and set up.

I can apply knowledge learned from guitars toother instruments too!


This violin came in as an unplayable wreck and left sounding as sweet as any violin can.