This bass was made from a reclaimed bar top and is finished in a red and black nitro cellulose finish. The body has numerous scars and holes from it's previous life and two bullets in the top bout!

An unashamed tribute to Peter Cook's guitars made for The Who in the 1970's/1980's

Blue Fenderbird

 Set neck construction, lightweight bass that sings. Mark had this out on tour for a week and through an SVT it sounds exactly as it should Gruff and loud.

I always loved the Homer Haynes strat but Fender didn’t make a bass version. So, here it is. Aztec gold swamp ash body and a huge 1957 style one piece neck. All Fender parts and less than half the price of a custom shop model. The customer loves it.

The heritage is obvious Mr Zemaitis still rules and this is my tribute. Another one piece korina body with a 100+ year old pine neck. Yes it does work, this has been gigging over a year now with no problems. Lightweight and very resonant. One of 3 tops. artist Jimmy Ringo, the

made so far by the Scottish other 2 are on Telecasters

The neck is from a roof truss from his house that I borrowed from the new owners during reconstruction. The body is one piece of an old bartop which seemed appropriate. Serial number is 6069 which means a lot to some of us. Weighs in at under 8 lbs.

Not for sale...

But I could build you one if you have a special piece of timber and someone you wanted to remember...

The Tugboat.

This one is mine.

I had to try building one of and say that Mr Bruce Johnson is the man to go to if you want one like the originals. This is a one piece korina body with the neck cut from the same board and no scroll on the headstock. If you don’t want to wait to import one happy to build another

Built in memory of my friend “Tugboat” Williy Jones.

these but I must be honest

from California then I will be

I like the sound of the Kala Ubasses but not the look of them. These are based on the body of a Fender electric mandolin with a one piece maple neck. The pickup is in the bridge. Active tone control and hipshot tuners.

Two tryouts for the ukulele basses in the style of a longhorn bass. One has rubber strings, the other steel. This design was outstripped by the F style mandobass but I may revisit it in time.

Cigar Box Double Bass

for Rockabilly Skiffle

The first Danocaster bass. Based on a Fender custom shop El Porazzo bass but constructed like an old Danelectro guitar with a solid center block to the body with a masonite front and back and plastic edge binding.

A 1960's Teisco pickup with the usual controls.

Boom Boom Boom Boom!

To the left a specially ordered upside down J style bass.

To the right Danocaster 2. A bass in the style of a '54 P bass but with the Dano hollow body.

If you've ever played an original on a strap you will love this one. All the thump you want and lightweight too.

A J bass. There's little point in trying to improve on Leo Fender's design, but we can alter the materials a bit!

Walnut neck with an ebony fingerboard and a very lightweight Tulipwood body. EMG active circuitry and two of Kent's finest.

This one swoops and soars.

A Deco styled upright bass.Laminated body, maple and walnut neck and an ebony 'board.

I always wanted a single pickup Longhorn bass to match the old Dano guitar that I owned

see Danelectro style section

but Danelectro didn't make one.

Here's our tribute to Nathan Daniels and I hope he would have approved.