I like the sound of the Kala Ubasses but not the look of them. These are based on the body of a Fender electric mandolin with a one piece maple neck. The pickup is in the bridge. Active tone control and hipshot tuners.

Two tryouts for the ukulele basses in the style of a longhorn bass. One has rubber strings, the other steel. This design was outstripped by the F style mandobass but I may revisit it in time.

Two animal print ukes ordered for a duo of sisters.

My version of a campfire uke. Like a Gretsch only larger.This one sold to a scoutmaster and has proved itself to be fit for the purpose for which the original design was intended.

A tenor uke in Ebony with a Walnut neck and ebony fingerboard.

Made as one of a pair with an all maple tenor but they were split up at an early age!

 A custom ordered deco uke in white with a symmetrical headstock built for Lardy Fatboy of Ukulele corner fame.

Two Bellukies awaiting delivery in Florida.These were made for Doug Tulloch who wrote the Danelectro books and my hero, session supremo Vincent Bell. I delivered then to Mr Tulloch and have no idea if Mr Bell ever got his? Hope he did, hope he liked it!

The second Bellukie.

Valentines uke.

A picollo uke based on a 1960's Danelectro convertible guitar.

A soundholeless maple and ebony pair awaiting strings.


On the far left my furthest travelled deco uke which ended up in the Carribean

Two more decos


To the right yet another deco uke.It has proved to be one of our most popular designs.



A cigar box uke. Made from a box but with a conventional neck and soundhole. Piezo pickup.

To the left another danouke this one based on a Silvertone 1444 bass.

Two resonator ukes.

On the left a solid body Supro styled uke based on an old National Resophonic guitar from the 1950's but a lot smaller!


To the right Little Lightning which I made for myself and still use.