Cigar  Box  Guitar  Guitars

Some examples of the diddley bow boxes.1,3 and 4 string models.


Tune the 3 string to a triad and if you've got slide guitar in your head it can't help but come out....


Built in piezo pickup optional.

A Cigar Box Double Bass

for Rock'a'billy Skiffle

A 5 string slide guitar.Vintage plywood top in a swamp green nitro finish. Short scale marked fretless neck.

Piezo pickup and tele bridge pickup with master volume control.

Some exaples of the guitar shaped CBGGs.Built like a CBG with a through stick neck but with a guitar shaped body instead of a cigar box. The body shape and size is taken from an old Regal tenor guitar. These have a high action and are intended for slide playing.

These come with 3, 4 or 6 strings.

A built in pickup comes as standard.


And finally the cigar box sitar. Made for Pendle Poucher to use on a film soundtrack this is a one of a kind for sure.Four strings on the neck with a custom built buzz bridge with 6 sympathetic drone strings. Built in pickup with master volume control.Laminated body which would and should have had a crackle finish but time ran out.