Guitar Parts

While we prefer making whole guitars we are happy to make necks and bodies to order if you are looking for something a bit unusual. With far eastern manufacture at it's height there is little point in trying to compete but if you fancy something they don't make [yet!], a huge 1950's style Tele neck or a bass neck made from Walnut for instance we will be happy to make one for you.


We can also source many vintage and unusual parts for you own restoration projects.


A few bass necks in various stages of completion,


Big maple V necks,Purple heart with a maple skunk stripe,one piece or with searate fingerboard.


Fretless necks with lines or side dots and ebony fingerboard.

Tele necks in old pine,Purple heart and Mahogany.

A selection of Tele bodies. Dano style hollow,old pine,walnut and tulip wood.


Bound or unbound.

Shoreline gold P body with one of our big V maple necks.

A two piece J bass with tortoiseshell binding on the top and rear cutawys.